Differentiation. How to be in a Class All Your Own.

Sunesys Wine BottleI’m often asked what drives our business. Being philosophical about this question, the number one driver always begins with the human insatiable need to communicate. Humans by nature are a pack species, and do not fare well on their own. Thus, from the beginning of time, we’ve learned languages in order to communicate our wants and needs. And as nomadic groups expanded their horizons into new lands, we needed to find ways to communicate across countries as well as continents.

That’s all very well, but once we learned to communicate, we needed a way to differentiate. At the end of the day, what really differentiates one company from another? For us, it’s the brand and what that brand represents. Take for example when you open any bottle of wine made by legendary wine farmer, Giuseppe Quintarelli, you know what that name on the bottle will mean. You absolutely know for what it will stand. Every bottle is a masterpiece, a testament to the skill and passion of a master artisan. You simply cannot compare his wines to any other in the region, or for that matter, anywhere else in the world. They are in a class and a category all to their own. Read more of this post

Evolution of the Wide Area Network

Evolution of the WANWide area network solutions have dramatically evolved over the past decades, providing organizations and businesses alike a variety of options to connect their remote locations, international offices and/or data centers to their headquarters. Emerging technologies have pushed the growth of the WAN into a modern-day machine.

In the past, the local telephone company had a monopoly on the “last mile,” the final leg of a connection that runs from a company’s location back to the carrier network. In this case, technology significantly limited the access rate or bandwidth capacity for the solution. For the last 100 years, the local phone company has used a twisted pair of copper phone lines in an effort to increase bandwidth to the network. However, copper lines tend to be unreliable, highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and provide only limited access to the network. Read more of this post

Fiber: The Key To Manufacturing’s Future

Manufacturing PlantIn this modern age, we’ve seen the digitization of data and the growth of broadband connections to the Internet dramatically impact how we consume books, music and video media.  Many believe that the next industry to undergo transformative change, as a result of these technological advances, is manufacturing.  Every day, data is created during the design, production and distribution of manufactured products.  Today, the vast majority of this data is discarded.  Fast forward to the future and many manufacturing professionals are realizing that much of this data can be collected and turned into information for influencing decisions in regards to manufacturing process improvements, product performance and quality.

UI Labs, a non-profit organization based in Chicago, is building a digital manufacturing lab funded in part by the federal government to commercialize and demonstrate digital technologies in manufacturing.  Partnering with manufacturing companies, both large and small, it aims to reestablish the U.S. as the preeminent manufacturing economy in the world.  To accomplish this, a combination of research and development, demonstration facilities and consultants will take technologies out of the lab, so to speak, and apply them in meaningful ways to commercial production environments.  Read more of this post

Corporate Relationships in a Social World

Corporate RelationshipsDo you value business relationships as much as personal ones?  This may seem like an odd question, but I believe it to be a very valuable one.  As spouses, parents, siblings and friends we put so much time and effort into our daily relationships without hesitation.  We tend not to think about it, we just go that extra distance; we gladly do this because those relationships are important to us and directly affect us.  They quite easily help define who we are with those around us, in both a positive and negative way.

A relationship between two people is very similar to that of a living organism.  Just like all living organisms, it needs to be nurtured, groomed and even protected.  Our relationships start as a small seed and grow over time into a much stronger being.  As with all things that grow, relationships may sometimes be painful.  We must be ready for those growth pains; in many cases, although difficult, they often make our relationships stronger than they were before.  However, caution must be exercised, as damage can be permanent, to a point where the connection can’t be repaired and the positive relationship ends. Read more of this post

When it Comes to Fiber, What’s the Over / Under? Aerial vs. Underground Fiber.

Aerial vs. Underground FiberMarketers would have you believe that product is “So Easy a Caveman Can Do It” (Geico). However, what the public doesn’t usually see is the time and effort put behind that product. In the world of fiber optic networks, a carefully constructed network requires calculated planning and a high level of expertise. It’s not so easy, that anyone can throw up some cables and call it a network. With this, comes a level of knowledge beyond the average Joe. Below are just a few of the techniques required in the process as they relate to construction of the network.

There are two main types of land based network fiber optic installation: aerial and underground. When installing a fiber optic network, several factors are taken into account before construction may begin. Factors include: construction costs, time constraints, existing infrastructure, federal / state / local influences, etc.  Each technique has different pros and cons, which influence the decisions for a given network. Below we outline several advantages and disadvantages; however, these are not all encompassing but represent some of the key variations between the two methods. Read more of this post


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